collage of Joel, Dei, and Jared

Childhood Friends

We're Joel, Dei, and Jared, and we're on a mission to bring the crispiest and tastiest top-notch snacks to you :)

When asked "Why would you start a business with your friends?", we always think "Why not?"

We trust each other, and work meetings are just hangout sessions with planned agendas.

  • Apr 2022

    A classic start: the Kraft paper bags with stickers for our brand and flavours.

  • Dec 2022

    Our first customised design. In hindsight, we really thought we did something.

  • Aug 2023 (Current)

    A more vibrant and complete look to better communicate our brand to our audience.

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The CNY Huat Box 2024

Our first ever Limited Gift Box Launch: the CNY Huat Box. This CNY special was a hit and we sold out all 120 boxes!

Designed to look like a huge Mahjong tile, we hoped that this snack-filled 'Fa' tile would bring a big smile to people's faces (and it did!).

Each Huat Box consisted of 4 Mini Packs of each flavour, totalling up to 16 Mini Packs of Krak to share during CNY gatherings.